MPAA Network for Fundamental Questions

(Arbeitskreis für Grundsatzfragen)

Max Planck Alumni Association (MPAA) offers huge possibilities for networking among its members as can not least be seen from the many different presentations and workshops during the symposia as well as from the exchange in the regional groups. The common background as (former) employees of MPG and the broad spectrum of current professional activities of its members allow for a fruitful exchange on many levels.

The Arbeitskreis für Grundsatzfragen shall be a place for in-depth academic discussion of single questions of relevance to science and society. The intended format are group meetings and round tables with external speakers, preferably at their premises.


The first activity was a round table at de Gruyter publishing house November 29th, 2017

On March/16th a joint meeting of Arbeitskreis SOE and Grundsatzfragen is planned (Among other the subject “Increased Geopolitical Instability as a Consequence of  Changed Equilibrium Country Size” will be discussed

Later in 2018 a round table with the head of Digital Infrastructure at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is planned.

Some of the round tables would be in collaboration with other alumni organisation for which Richard already has organised similar events

Contact person

Richard Schubert