Socio-Economics Physics (SOE) applies models and methods that have been developed in theoretical physics to problems of social life and economics. Results of statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics are used to describe and to analyze complex systems. They are transferred to this different fields of application.

News and Updates

  • Preannouncement of the DPG-Springmeeting Regensburg, 31.03. – 05.04.2019
    Deadline for contributions: Dez. 1st 2018.
    Details will follow.


  • Joint networks meeting SOE – Fundamental Question
    Berlin – 16.03.18. See here for further details.
  • DPG-Springmeeting in Berlin (TU Berlin) Mar 11-16
    Short program of the entire meeting can be found here.
    SOE-part can be seen/downloaded (look for “soe.pdf”) here.
    Evening Talk
    (in German) by F. Schweitzer, ETH Zurich (one of the pioneers of SOE) at Urania.

Presentation of the MPAA Network on Socio-Economics Physics (SOE)



Contact person

Prof. Dr. Magda Schiegl

University of Applied Sciences Landshut