The Ukraine chapter of the Max Planck Alumni Association (MPAA) aims to create a forceful community of alumns*, interacting together for community growth with a focus on entrepreneurship and career development through service to young scientists (e.g. tips, advice and advocacy for transitioning from academia to industry and vice versa).
Members of the MPAA Ukraine include fellow alumns of all Max Planck Institutes and active members** interested in Ukraine, MPI alumns now living in Ukraine and alumns-Ukrainians*** now working beyond its area.
MPAA Ukraine aims to connect fellow alumns to each other, as well as to the active members of the MPI, to create a stable network for Ukraine and Ukrainians. MPAA Ukraine is ready to provide an excellent platform to bring our renowned alumns and young researchers together to meet, collaborate and to give a good assistance.

* To include all genders and facilitate transparent communication, alumni and alumnae are referred to as alumns.
** As an active member of one of the MPIs, you are entitled to become a MPAA Ukraine member after 6 months of employment.
*** MPAA is an international non-profit organization with no barriers in terms of gender, race, origin, nationality, distance, etc. Alumns-Ukrainians are understood as alumns, who have current or former affiliation with MPIs and are now living or have lived for a long period of time in Ukraine.

First steps in establishing the MPAA Ukraine network.
On September 15th, 2016 Dr. Mindia Vashakmadze (Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law, Heidelberg, Germany) arrived for his business visit to Odessa, Ukraine. Discussing legal issues and welcoming other members of Max Planck Society helped alumns-Ukrainians to create a dialogue with active MPI members, generate new ideas for the future cooperation. This communicative event became one the first steps in establishment of interest and community space within MPAA Ukraine.


Contact person

Elizabeth Lvova