The Washington DC chapter of the Max Planck Alumni Association (MPAA) aims to create a vibrant community of DC-based MPS alumns*. Members of the MPAA Washington DC include alumns from the Max Planck Society, as well as active employees of Max Planck Institutes** now living in Washington DC.

MPAA Washington DC aims to connect fellow alumns to each other, as well as to the active members. Currently, MPAA Washington DC is working on initiatives focusing on personal and career development, including helping young scientists in their transition to permanent academic positions or to industry.

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Contact person:
Ulrike Boehm

* To include all genders and facilitate transparent communication, alumni and alumnae are referred to as alumns.
** You are entitled to become a MPAA Washington DC member after 6 months of employment at the Max Planck Society and living in Washington DC.