Do you want to learn diplomacy and get in contact with local autorities and influent individuals?

Do you want to organize scientific or social activities for MPI alumns in Argentina, South Africa, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, the US and other countries?

Are you ready to become an MPAA Ambassador?

              As a member of the MPAA, you can apply to the Max Planck Alumni Ambassadors’ Program!

The “Max Planck Alumni Ambassadors” program pursues to give origin to a group of representatives of the MPAA mostly in their countries of residence that under the name of “Ambassadors” could take initiatives and support activities in order to make better known the MPAA and the Max Planck Society and their institutes as well.

The program runs currently as a pilot and is organized by an ad-hoc committee. The full proposal can be found here.

During the initial period there will be a maximum of six Ambassadors, who will represent the MPAA in seminars, exhibitions and academic activities that could be organized in the country where the ambassador is acting and collaborate with the local MPAA Regional Group.

Selected MPAA Ambassadors will be submitted to a training and taught about:

  • practice diplomatic tools in contacts with governmental and nongovernmental officers related with education, academic researchers and university people, technical or scientific colleges and high schools,
  • use local opportunities (e.g. the local media) to support their projects;
  • present MPAA in international activities;
  • to create an stable partnership with enterprises, organizations, influential individuals, etc.

How to apply?

If you wish to participate in the Project, and you have a working experience at any of the Max Planck Institutes for a minimum period of two (2) years as a former doctorate student, post-doctoral fellow, group leader or researcher, please communicate your candidacy through a written presentation to the MPAA Ambassadors’ Committee Chairman (

The presentation should include:

–  a brief curriculum vitae with their personal and academic background;

–  a proposal of the place where you would like to serve, explaing in the most clear way the reasons why you see yourself able to fulfill the job (fuent knowledge of the local language is essential).

The name of the selected candidates will be presented by April 30, 2018.