The Assembly is the governing organ of the association, and it is the body of the delegates of the Groups. It is in charge for deciding the aims, values and philosophy of the association, and of defining a 5-years Strategic Plan containing the collective goals, programs and activities of the organization. The Assembly elects two Board members per year, and can vote on the amendments of the statute and the dissolution of the association. The Assembly gathers physically once a year, on the day after the Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers.

To ensure a democratic decision-making, each delegate is responsible for discussing the agenda with the Group, and keep the Group updated on the results of the meetings.


List of Assembly delegates:

Dr. Luca Spani Molella

MPI Group of MPI for Gravitational Physics (AEI)

Dr. Marija Pesic

MPI Group of of MPI of Neurobiology

Dr. Johanna Havemann

MPI Group of MPI for Developmental Biology

Dr. Isabell Weber

MPI Group of MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Dr. Tina Persson

MPI Group of MPI for Experimental Medicine