We believe that the success of our organisation relies on building a strong international network of current and former members of the Max Planck Society supported by services that encourage free and open communication across academic, industry as well as non-industry sectors. As a community, it is very important to set up a common mission and vision that is shared among all costituencies, and to set clear goals to be achieved in the first 3-to-5 years. A committee for Strategic Planning has been established to collect from members ideas on

• mission and vision, i.e. what should the association focus on,

• activities and events,

• and goals.

The committee will then condense the results into the Strategic Planning, that will be presented at the yearly Assembly, and will evaluate the progress made in achieving the established milestones.

As a first step, we would like to prioritise the key goals that MPAA should focus for the next five years in order to achieve its mission and vision. Your ideas, suggestions and participation will be invaluable in this process. We have created a first general survey to understand the needs and the expectations you have from the MPAA.

Please give us a feed back by participating in the survey, so that we can start a constructive planning of the future growth of our alumni organisation.


Strategic planning committee:

Dr. Rick Mukherjee

Dr. Stanislaus Wüst



The survery takes around 5 minutes. To fill in the survey please log in with your membership credentials. You can register here for membership. Note: once you log in, you will be redirected to the intranet. To fill in the survery you have to come back to this page.